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[Welcome to MagnaCom Limited]

MagnaCom provide a wide range of computer products as well as a comprehensive range of IT Support, PC Repair, and general Computer Support and maintenance services in and around Glasgow. We can help you choose the best combination of computer products and IT services to meet your needs and help you to answer questions such as "How can we reduce the cost of our IT support?" or "How can our organisation get the most from internet technology?".

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MagnaCom has an experienced Sales Team who will assist your business by providing an efficient, friendly and personalised service and aim to provide you with ‘Total Solution Sales & Service’. With our experience and expertise we can tailor any computing requirement to individual client requirements without restriction.

When you buy a product from us it is in the full knowledge that all the necessary backup maintenance and IT support services are there should you need them.

The internet solutions arm of MagnaCom is a well established Internet Service Provider.

This combination of Computers and Communications as well as Full IT Support is what allows MagnaCom to provide complete solutions to our customers.
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